About Me

Nicole Jensen inherited her Dads Pentax K1000 film camera at 16 years old.  At first she used it to capture any moment with meaning to herself.  With encouragement she began shooting weddings, engagements, and family and individual portraits a few years later.  Eventually while attending college she switched her major to art focusing on photography and ceramics.

Visually capturing moments to enhance memory has intrigued her from a young age.  Her grandmother has binders of photographs sorted by years.  They include photography starting with her grandmothers children and illustrating the lives of them as they grew older and had children of their own.  A person can visually read the history of Nicole’s grandmothers children and their children and their children.  This is why Nicole began capturing moments on film.

Since then she has switched to digital photography and also learned Photoshop techniques. She likes to straight shoot to capture the moment.  However digitally manipulating photo’s to create a photographic illustration also intrigues her.

Nicole has a two children and a husband that support, encourage and are often the subject of her work.  She loves people and believes that no one is without a story just waiting to be expressed.  She would like to continue to capture and create moments, emotions, and concepts through her photography.